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A not-so-detailed update...

Rehearsals have been crazy - between the capstone and Cinderella, on top of two plays to read each week and regular chapter assignments... the only word I could use to describe these past couple of months would be crazy.

Amongst friends and aquaintances... well, let's just say we'll add a little more "crazy" to the pile.

Life got stressful.

I had to go to Philly for a blood test at a very inconvenient time and suffered much difficulty trying not to fall asleep at rehearsal that night... and missed my injection day for the very first time because I ran out and needed a new prescription.

Auditions for "Bat Boy: The Musical" were the best auditions of my life - I learned so much preparing for them and they were so fun! Aaaaand... I got the part of Pan (and will also be part of the chorus). Whoo! I can't wait for that show... <3

I called the pharmacy and realized that I was being an idiot. However, I can now expect to receive more testosterone this coming Monday, and if I inject Tuesday morning I'm basically right back on schedule with Tuesday being my injection day. Only... basically a week behind what it would've been had I not gone "off" schedule at all.

It is now the time for a lot of learning and having fun with it. Need to catch up on reading plays and writing some papers, learning lines for three final performances, and rehearse a lot more for one show that's coming up since the other will be over after this weekend.

I still haven't uploaded pictures from like...over six months ago. Nor have I added the poly symbol to my background. X P

And that, my friends, brings us to the present. I'll tell you more later, but for now I hope you have a wonderful day. :]

P.S. - I really want the last thing Andrew said to me (when I was leaving Taylor's) to be true...